Monday, March 19, 2012

March iamroses Color Challenge - Green, Gold & Glitter!

I finally got my first shipment of iamroses flowers! OMG! I should have waited and done a haul video, but I was too excited and couldn't resist tearing into it when it came in! Okay, that was a few days ago! I've been busy, busy, busy creating with them and doing family stuff! As promised, I have new stuff to show off. I should have had these up a few days ago but better late than never, eh?

I made a cute wreath for our door for St. Patrick's day and it's highlighted with some lovely products and some things I cut out on my Cricut. products used:
CA1-151 - 50 White Carnation
S10-15 - 100 Small White Flowers
ZQL0-151 - 100 White Roses Leaves
The top flower was made with 3 layers of the gift they sent me! I wish I knew what it was so I could credit it!

How to Make: 
I took an old embroidery hoop and wound 1 skein of Martha Stewart green fuzzy yarn around it to create the base of the wreath. I made the "sprays" with some old beads I had laying around.

 I took some thin wire (don't know the gauge, but it's pretty thin and pliable.) and put it through the 1st bead and looped it around and then slid the other beads on and hot glued them in place on the wire. 

The top hat was cut designed in Illustrator and cut out on the Cricut with Sure Cuts A Lot 2 and the pot of gold was downloaded from the web (I wish I could remember where for you guys!) and then cut out on the Cricut. 

I glittered the buckle, top layer of the pot and the edges of the top layer of the gold to make them sparkle!!! I used my home made glimmer mist on the white flowers to make them slightly antiqued and very shimmery and used actual Glimmer Mist on the leaves. The white flowers on the hat were rubbed across a green ink pad. 

For the top flower I used 3 layers of the gift the folks over at sent me. (If anyone knows exactly what product this is, let me know because I love them!) I inked the edges of the petals with the same dark green as the flowers on the hat and then used my embossing stylus to curl up the petals. I stuck a brad in the center and glued it onto the wreath to hide where the ribbon hanger attaches on the screw part of the embroidery hoop. 

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