Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best. Son. EVER!

So not related to scrapping in any way, but the Boogieman just made me a "book" all about mom. :) He wrote Mom all on his own (I helped him spell it, but hey, he just turned 5!) It's a book of everything I do for him. Granted, it's one sheet of paper folded in half, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? He just brought me to tears!! I swear I have the best lil man ever! I even told him I didn't care about the mess up on the N (and small m on top) because it was the first time he even TRIED to write anything other than his name! 
Most Awesome Book of Mom

I know the photo quality sucks, it was taken with the camera on the Galaxy, so I could upload it right away. LOL The scribbles around it are supposed to be all the wonderful things I do for him and the upper left corner is a heart for how much he loves me. 

I started crying (tears of joy!) and Boog just looked at me and asked me why I was sad. He's going to make some lady happy some day! LOL He's only 5 and is concerned with someone else's feelings! Not only did he make me happy with the "book" but with his actions as well! 

Proud. Happy. Mom. Moment! 

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