Friday, April 6, 2012

Trinket Shelf Project

I designed the files in Illustrator and cut them out on my Cricut (svg files - available soon on my Etsy!) It uses 3 sheets of paper. I used 2 plain cardstock pieces and one patterned cardstock piece. You could use double sided paper and flip it around! It would be really ironic to use wood grained paper! LOL (I think I might just try that!) Other than the demo one, I think my next one I make of these is going to be more steampunk. I'm starting to really get into that look and it would look great in my apartment with the brick and exposed pipes! 
I love how it turned out. Ryder LOVES collecting rocks so I stuck a few of those and one of his Army guys in there. (He's obsessed with anything Army thanks to his Uncles! LOL) I maded the stick pink and some of the little flowers. I glimmer misted some Iamroses leaves, flowers and buterflies. The stick pin at the top by the string and the charm on the left side were the first ones I ever made and Ryder picked out the beads for them, so I thought it was perfect to use for this. :) Of course a key...cos he's the key to my heart! :)
So as soon as I get some plain shots of the cuts and simple put together (and maybe do a tutorial walk through on how to assemble, even though it's SUPER simple!) these svg files will be available in my Etsy! :) I hope y'all like it!

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