Friday, August 3, 2012

Maskquerade Mask Swap @ LSH

I created the masquerade mask swap at LSH because I collect them and wanted to try my hand at making them. I LOVE how this one turned out and honestly, if it wasn't pink, I'd be really sad to see it go! LOL

The idea behind this mask was that I got a blue cracked paint mask up at the Dells on vacation last month. My partner loved pink and I wanted to try to replicate the blue one I picked up. I just LOVE how this turned out (and if it wasn't pink, I'd be hard pressed to send it! LOL) I TOTALLY love how the silver swirls turned out and the stick is detachable so it's easier (and smaller) to mail. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feather spray on the side! 

Had a blast making this! I really hope my partner likes it as much!!! :)

Ryder had to try it out!
I don't think it's his color!


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