Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Journey into the World of Sewing

Oh what was I thinking? Seriously, ME sew? I don't know how to use an iron and I don't even own an ironing board.

That's going to have to change! I had fun making this cute lil purse and please don't laugh that it's off centered and my seams aren't actually even... :\

First attempt at a from scratch project. (World of MANY firsts that is!) First real sewing project (t-shirt re-do's aside.) First attempt at a pocket. First attempt at a box pleat. First attempt at sewing in general!

Purse is complete with lined handle, lined inside and fully lined inner pocket. (Yes, that is a box pleat gusset on the outside pocket, thanks for noticing that and NOT that the pocket is off center!)

Fully lined inside and inner pocket! (Nope, no zipper...didn't have one in the house! LOL

Bottom complete with box corners that are fairly even on both sides. LOL Even with a ruler and tailors chalk one side came out slightly larger than the other. :\

Yes, I know I'm my own worst enemy. I know I'm going to be harder on myself than anyone else will be. Like I said, it is my first attempt at sewing and I'm getting over the fact that it's not perfect. I'm very proud that I didn't make something like a pillow for my first project. (What am I going to do with yet another pillow in my house? The other half would kill me if there was another pillow somewhere! LOL) I know everything I have a problem with will get better over time with practice.

The cell phone pocket on the front it slightly off center, but it's the perfect size for my cell phone. I'm very proud of the fact that I measured right and managed to get the gusset/box pleat (which is again, slightly off center!) figured out. Even if I did forget to line that pocket. LOL (But I did figure out the band at the top *AND* getting elastic in there, so that counts for something, right?)

All kidding aside, I am 100% proud of this project and will use it with pride until it wears out or I decide to make a new one. (Probably the latter. I played tug of war with the straps to make sure they were secure! Those babies aren't going ANYWHERE!)

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