Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Amazing Craft Deal

I couldn't believe it myself, but someone here locally was selling her entire scrap room. It started a little before Christmas and my mom and boyfriend decided that was the perfect present. I went down with $25 and got a TON of stuff! A week later, she still had almost everything so I went back down and got a ton of stuff for $20 and Jeremy picked me up the Xyron Create-A-Station 5" and 9" and a 9" refill for $20! (Dude, those retail over $215 all together in the store!) The following week I went down and picked up 25 Zig 2 way small chisel tip glue pens for $10 and for $5 3 Glimmer Mists + 2 Tattered Angels big stamps that coordinate with the Glimmer Screens (that I now must find just cos they look cool and I wanna try the whole set.) A few days later she posted EVERYTHING left, including storage bins, for $50. There just happened to be another 9" Xyron and a friend of mine just happened to be here and told me she'd give me $20 for it, so I got everything else for a whopping $30!!! I ended up lugging 2 big totes, the purple bin, and the drawer bins back in my truck (good thing it was just Jer and I! Otherwise Ryder would have been holding stuff on his lap! LOL Check out the Youtube video I made for it! You'll be amazed by what I got for $110!!!!

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