Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year - New Blog!

New year...reNEWed vigor in crafting/designing! In the past year we've moved into a new building. One that is geared towards artists! I'm so excited about the move. I've really been getting back into crafting and designing since getting in here. :) I now have my own craft area. It's flippin' amazing! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful space! I got my first Cricut. A 6x12 Personal Cutter second hand and fell in love with it. I started designing SVG files in Illustrator and have been having a ball with those. Ended up getting a WONDERFUL deal on an Expression. (Thanks to my loving Uncle who picked it up for me and let me pay him back for it!) I'm the proud owner of an acid green Expression. (K, the color could have been purple, but I'll live. It's a flippin' Cricut!) I finally finished a new project. I made a wall hanging for Jeremy. :) I love how it turned out and I'll have to post pics later of it finally hanging up after I figure out where to put it. LOL

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